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Steamcon Products & Services

• Maximizing profits is the primary goal of any business. Industries achieve this by optimizing production facilities while minimizing downtime from unscheduled plant shutdowns. However, emergencies due to leaks can occur and situations can quickly develop which impact the environment, safety and operations of a business.
• Safety is the first consideration in every job Steamcon does prove by a 16-year incident-free safety record.
• Steamcon is committed to providing 24/7, rapid response. Our technicians have up to thirty years of sealing experience with power, process, and marine piping.
• Steamcon specializes in both emergency and scheduled on-stream mechanical services to the power and process industries. Our service involves the most cost-effective and technically advanced sealing solutions.
• Our sealants are inert soft compounds for long resilient service life to minimize re leaks due to temperature/pressure changes and shutdowns. Our leak enclosures and fittings are engineered to boiler and pressure vessel standards and have all received pre-approval by the authorities with jurisdiction over them.

Transformers and Circuit Breakers have numerous components that are subject to costly leak problems. Our technicians can seal these leaks while the transformers are energized and without draining the oil.
Sealing transformer oil leaks “ On – Stream” prolongs the valuable operating time between outages and reduces expensive downtime and replacements while eliminating environmental and health hazards.
STEAMCON’S leak sealing process allows full functioning during and after the repair.
SF 6 Gas leaks and insulator damage can also be repaired on stream without shutdown using Steamcon’s proprietary process.

• If you have a process or a power plant you have leaks.
• Leaks waste energy, cost money, are a safety hazard, pollute the environment and damage equipment.
• At no charge, Steamcon Gas & Liquid leak sealing service will find every leak in your plant and provide a loss assessment and a firm “not to exceed” price to fix them “on-stream”.
Steamcon leak loss surveys measure four critical loss factors:
1. Your Energy Loss Cost in dollars

2. Condition on a 1 to 5 rating
 The integrity of leaking component
 Deterioration rate
 Erosion and corrosion of components
 The integrity of studs and bolts

3. Safety Hazards 1 to 5 rating
 Affecting personnel
 Pooling or slippery areas
 Potential for sudden failure
 Effect on surrounding components

4. Environmental impact 1 to 5 rating
 Harmful substances
 Saturation into insulation
 Any free asbestos
 Humidity and effect on equipment

5. Repair cost at the time of Survey

Safety-Freeze ® Line Stop Service
Freeze PLUGGING is non-invasive and the safest, quickest and least expensive method of temporary pipe plugging. There are no pressure limits but temperature limits apply depending on pipe size and there cannot be any flow.

The most efficient method to repack valves during maintenance outages or on-stream. Fast, Safe, Inexpensive and 100% effective with a lifetime warranty, this proprietary process is the most economical way to accomplish multiple valve re-packing requirements.

Pipe protection syntho-glass ® wrap coating eliminates and prevents leaks and corrosion. A safe and effective repair that can also accommodate odd shapes and sizes. Can be applied on or off stream. Pressure/temperature limits apply.
Let STEAMCON provide you with a regular free Leak Loss Survey to improve your efficiency, safety and reduce environmental impact. We think it’s a good deal and so do our customers who have been using STEAMCON surveys for years.
Steamcon long term warranties mean we can seal it and you can forget it.


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